Why a Moby?

First, let me tell you that they are awesome!!! When my first child was born I had a Snugli carrier that someone had given me. After he got to 13 lbs (less than 3 months old) my back and neck killed after 5 minutes. It had no lower back support so my shoulders and upper back were taking the brunt of the weight. Also, I didn't really feel like he was secure, so I always had to have one hand on him when he was in the pack and his head was still flopping around. Needless to say I didn't use it long! When I got pregnant with second child I knew I needed something to carry her in for her own protection and so I could keep up with my toddler, now a very busy ball of energy. I had decided that the Baby Bjorn with the panel for lower back support was my best bet and I even registered for it, but it was around $150! 2 months before I had my second child I saw a mom wearing a Moby Wrap with her newborn and she had another child my sons age. The wrap looked so comfortable and best of all her newborn was so secure that she had 2 hands free to deal with her toddler. I did some research and discovered that the price was right up my alley, too. (I mean compared to the Baby Bjorn, I could afford this a whole lot easier). Just $40. I was sold! It was a great buy. This wrap has worked great. It helped me be more active sooner after my c-section and now I can even carry my son on my hip while I'm wearing my newborn daughter in the wrap.

Some additional benefits:

*Can hold a child securely from preemie up to 35 lbs (I can even put Tyrus in it!)
*Great in helping preemies improve overall- There are many clinical benefits (if you want to know more about these, I can send you some information) *Very versatile- child can be positioned on your front (facing you or facing front), in cradle carry, on your hip, on your back and now a new sling style carry. You can even nurse in it! And you can carry twins in one when they are younger. (see video demonstrations)
*You can distribute the weight depending on where you pull the fabric on your shoulders.
*Easy to pack in your bag and take with you.
*It is really fast and easy to put on. (It may look complicated, but it isn't!)
*Best of all...It leaves your hands free without you feeling like you are neglecting your little one!

It comes in many different colors and patterns - Be bold or blend in. We were talking to some family friends the other night and the wrap was mentioned. My friend's husband was very confused because he didn't know what we were talking about. (I had sat by him the night previous wearing my daughter in the wrap). I finally told him that it was "the thing that looks like a shirt that I carry my daughter in." He responded that he thought I was carrying her in my shirt! Hilarious!! But that was my point. I have a navy blue one and I purposely chose it because it looks like a normal shirt. With 11 colors for the basic Moby Wrap style there is something for everyone. And if you want something with a little more personality there is the Moby D and the Moby Select that have an extra panel of color to enhance the look. So check them out and give them a try. You will not regret it and your back and shoulders will thank you!

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Anonymous said...

I too used the Snugli carrier and it was so painful! Moby wraps are gorgeous and versatile. I read at http://www.allreviews.com/baby-carriers/ that they are launching a new line of colors! I will never go back to another baby carrier.