Types of Moby Wraps

Moby Wrap (basic): $40.00

Moby UV (same look as the basic but treated with Rayosan TM Process):$45.00

Moby D: $60.00

Moby Select: $70.00

What is the difference between Batik and Organic Moby Select Wraps?

Batik: "The art of batik originated in Indonesia and refers to a wax-resist dying technique used on textiles. The Batik Moby Select Wraps are handcrafted in Thailand with neutral cotton, dyed in soft hues and then adorned with a floral or vine pattern.

Organic: Made from 100% soft, EKO-certified cotton

Batik Floral Moby Wrap

Batik Vine Moby Wrap

Organic Moby Wrap

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